Call of Duty World at War and 3 others, now on Xbox One (backwards compatibility)

Over the last month there’s been a few cries from disgruntled gamers that the current collection of over 250 backward compatible titles just wasn’t good enough.

Thankfully Microsoft seem intent on pleasing even the hardest to please and today, we’ve seen a few more additions to the list.

Call of Duty : World at War


Encleverment Experiment 


E4 (Every Extend Extra Extreme)


Funtown Mahjong



Most notable of all has to be Call of Duty World at War, though I dare say I personally enjoyed E4 (Every Extend Extra) even more than COD’s World War throwback, Enclaverment Experiment and Funtown Mahjong are new to me, and I’ll probably pass on adding them to the list, but I’m sure fans of the 360 titles will be overjoyed to know they can now be played on the Xbox One.

All we need now is the ability to separate 360 and Xbox One titles in the games list and I might be able to find them a little easier.

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