Game Reviews

Blue Estate – Review

Blue Estate is an on-rails shooter that you can control with either the pad, or Kinect  and begins with Tony Luciano searching for Kim Bong Sik of the Sik...

Game Reviews

Terraria – Review

Terraria.   Genre : Survival/crafting – by 505 games Available : Out now Price : £15.19 Size: 476.27 MB If you ask people what Indie game outsold Portal 2...

Game Reviews

Zombie Driver HD – Review

Zombie Driver was first released back in 2009, and has been tearing up the PC, Android tegra devices, ouya, PS3, 360 and now Xbox One thanks to the ID @ XBOX...

Game Reviews

Fifa 15 – Review

FIFA. Fifa International Soccer released little over 21 years ago was a big game and the start of something massive, The franchise is a sure bet for an annual...

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