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Defiance 2050 Coming this Summer

5 years ago, Defiance was released on Xbox 360, it met mixed reviews and built up a healthy initial fan base and even had it’s own TV showed tied into the game which ran for an impressive 3 seasons. It was all very positive, but for many (myself included) it was just a little before it’s time.  Could the Xbox 360 cope with the increasing demands on massive multiplayer online gaming?  While it maintained a range of gamers especially after it’s switch to Free to Play in 2014, It always felt like it was weighed down by it’s own unfulfilled potential.

Now, 5 years on, with the power of lastest-gen consoles, Defiance is set to return this summer with a full remaster giving us the features and upgrades fans have been clammoring for.

It was only December when publishers Trion Worlds said that a next-gen version was being made, but there wouldn’t be a sequel.  So it’s little surprise to hear that Defiance 2050 will be the same game at it’s core, but a continuation within the world which goes beyond the change of 2046-2050.

Trion Worlds aim to give the fans what they’ve been calling out for, and with the current gen power, that dream is now within reach.  We’re excited to see how things progress, so take a look at the screenshots below and keep your eyes on XboxSector for more news in the coming months.

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