Is PUBG an Xbox Console exclusive or not?

We’re very excited, as no doubt you are, that this year’s break out hit, Player Unknown’s: Battlegrounds will be coming to Xbox One and One X, via the preview program, on December 12th.

Announced way back at E3 in June as a “console launch exclusive” the air has been simply filled with platitudes from Microsoft in the direction of Player Unknown.  The overriding feeling is that Phil Spencer and his team have been trying to get PUBG on board as a console exclusive for the last six months.

In fact, if you go onto the Xbox website right now, it confirms that this is already the case.

Except, this hasn’t been announced yet.  We reached out to Player Unknown and Microsoft to ask the question and got a stock response.  So are we to assume that is wrong?  Or have they leaked something that they shouldn’t have?

While the One X reviews have been positive, Microsoft have been almost universally criticised for not having enough exclusive games.  So why not put all the rumours to bed on this right away?  If the Xbox website is correct then it’s an easy PR win from where I’m sitting.  If it’s not then surely Microsoft need to stop getting our hopes up and limit the damage now.

Let’s all hope for Plunkbat exclusivity though!

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