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Kung-Fu High Impact Coming to Xbox One!

After a brief email conversation we’ve just got exclusive confirmation from the developers Virtual Air Guitar, the team behind a wealth of Kinect titles across Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

And they’re preparing to bring their smack-em up 360 title Kung-Fu High Impact to the Xbox One.


Improved visuals, and refined Kinect recognition should mean we can expect even more gratifying fights in our front room, and hopefully without the black eyes and broken noses.

Here’s the official game description, though bare in mind we may see features added or removed once the port is complete.

Kung-Fu High Impact is a full-body motion fighting adventure that uses Kinect to scan YOU inside the game to fight the baddies with real kicks and punches.

Literally become a super-powered Kung-Fu hero, star in your own comic book adventure and challenge your friends in a unique multiplayer combat. Kung-Fu High Impact is fun to play and fun to watch. You can even use props and costumes for fighting – just be careful with your surroundings.

Game Features

  • Be the hero: Fight as yourself with boosted abilities
  • Freedom of movement: Kick, punch, jump kick, make flips, shoot arrows, smash your enemies and wreak havoc
  • Star in your own comic book adventure!
  • Play together: Fun to play & fun to watch + up to 5 player simultaneous multiplayer
  • An extensive Kung-Fu story, custom battles, story comics and epic survival modes.
  • Varied levels and enemies – use your moves, powers, items and bonuses to fight everything from small creatures to giants.
  • 14 levels + hand painted look for the comic book realm.
  • 16 smart enemies that require the player to adapt his approach
  • Interactive elements such as breakable surroundings
  • Super powers and bonus items: magic bow, double damage, mana boost, etc.
  • Many other awesome abilities such as blocking and slow motion close ups
  • 46 achievements worth 1000 points!
  • Challenge your friends’ score and earn bragging rights on the online leaderboards!

Game Modes description

  • Story Campaign – An in-depth single player campaign that takes you on an epic journey and pits you up against a wide variety of enemies from small flying ones to huge boss fights! Contains 14 levels and 15 in-between story episodes and a different visual style for real world levels and parallel word levels of the story. Player gets to act in the story comics as himself.
  • Custom Fight – Create the battle you want: select an environment and any combination of enemies. You can even tweak the gravity, speed of time and movement exaggeration settings in this mode for a maximum variety of challenges.
  • Survival modes – Several never ending modes against an increasing amount of enemies that get more and more difficult the further you survive. Excellent for bragging rights among your friends.
  • Tutorial – contains videos and audio + images to help the player learn how to play and use his super powers. All tutorials can be accessed from the game menu. They are also integrated into the story mode.
  • Multiplayer Mode – From the multiplayer menu selection, the player gets to choose a level as in custom fight. Then up to four people can join in with the Xbox360 controllers and each choose an enemy character to play. The battle starts with the player and 1 to 4 controller driven enemies in the chosen scene. The controller players try to beat the “real-one” on the camera.
  • Story Comics – All opened story comics can be played again.



Little else is known about the forthcoming port except for the developers are working on it now, so expect more news in the coming months.



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