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Launch trailer for Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier breaks ground

If you’ve been wondering why there are a lot of monkeys on your television screens at the moment, it’s because the newest Planet of the Apes film is being pushed really quite hard by Sky Movies.  What luck then, that Imaginarium’s narrative adventure title will launch next week to allow you to play as a monkey too; or boring human if you’d prefer.  That’s 21st November for those interested.

Take a look at the opening minutes below.

Set between the latest two movies, expect to find a game that encourages player choice and reacts accordingly, in the way that Telltale games have done in recent years.

There’s a whole bunch of of other information available at the game’s website.

This was certainly not the game I expected when I began writing this piece.  I’ll speak to Imaginarium and see if we can’t organise a review!

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