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10 tips on How to Dominate in Battlefield 1

The Battlefield franchise has developed it’s own style of first person shooter over the years, and Battlefield 1 seems to follow many of the same franchise trends. With the recent popularity shift, many Call of Duty fans are making the jump to Battlefield, and are subsequently getting stomped on in the chaos of war.

Fear not though! For this guide is purpose made to change your fortunes and cement you back at the top of the leaderboards. It’s also tailored with a large amount of bias to the Operations game mode, since I’m shamelessly addicted to it…

bfop2    1. Balance your team

Battlefield has always been about the objective modes, and Battlefield 1 is no exception. Maps are big and accommodate up to 64 players including tanks and planes. In order to counter the opposing team you need to have a balance of players sporting each class. Too many snipers and you’ll be overrun by enemy tanks; too many assault players and your team will be vulnerable to longer range medics and scouts.


 2. Be a team player

Ever heard the phrase ‘it’s not about the kills’? In Battlefield 1 you’ll struggle to get any if you ignore your team. Medics have the ability to heal players and instantly revive dead teammates to 100% health (overpowered if you ask me); support players can dish out ammo and fix tanks, imperative to a difficult push; assault players need to be constantly risking their lives to take out tanks; and lastly scouts need to spot enemies and act as overwatch. You get points for doing all of the above actions, this is why the top players rarely have the most kills!

bfop3   3. Contest the objective

Your entire team can be milling around the outskirts of B flag getting tonnes of kills, but you’ll still lose because nobody has the balls to actually move in and put their body on the line! Contesting the objective lets you know how many enemies are near and puts pressure on them to reveal themselves. Just sit in a corner, stick a gas grenade down and take a self-congratulatory swig of tea because you’ve successfully ruffled the enemy’s feathers, just by being there!


   4. Destroy vehicles

It gives you a tonne of points AND kills. Set dynamite traps on objective flags for unsuspecting tank drivers then hit the charge for a 6x multikill. Or spawn into an AA artillery truck (to do this, hover over the tank spawn point, press ‘Y’ to change vehicle and unlock the AA gun) to take out enemy bombers and airships in relative comfort and safety.

bfop4   5. Know when to pick a fight

Possibly the most important point. If you can get the jump on a group of enemies that’s great, but what happens when you take down two and get killed by the third – who also happens to be a medic and revives the other two? Looking a bit silly now aren’t we! Simply be aware of the cover around you, duck away if you need and recuperate. Or even better: feign running away then wait for the medic to revive his fallen comrades and repeat the ambush, believe me it works.

   6. Know how to traverse a map

Bayonet charges are great for putting on little bursts of speed, but if you’re out in the open and get caught with your pants down (you cannot sprint after an unsuccessful bayonet charge) you’re going to be sniper fodder. Zigzag when you run and keep in as much cover as possible. Keeping on the move makes you a difficult target for most bolt-action and semi-auto rifles, it also means enemies often don’t know where you are at any one time.

bf1-3   7. Mash right bumper

Right bumper is the spot button. Aiming at an enemy and spotting him is basically giving a death sentence, because they are now visible on everyone’s minimaps. The scout class also has a flare gun which automatically spots enemies in the area more permanently. Constantly being aware of your surroundings and checking your minimap is essential for getting the drop on people.

 8. Flank hard and often

You’re still playing the objective and being a team player, but sometimes there’s an advantage to going it alone. It was Laurence of Arabia who said that “a lone fighter can move unseen”, and this is his advantage over a larger army.

Now I often lose face to face encounters; but if you’re firing into their unaware backsides you’ll win every time. Flank around whenever you can, because it puts the whole enemy team on edge having to watch from a new angle.

bf5-1   9. Use non-obvious lethals, and camp out in bunkers

A well placed grenade can pack enough punch to stop an advancing squad for a second. However it’s the unconventional lethals that can give you a superior edge. Throwing gas into an enemy bunker forces them to use gas masks, and removes their ability to heal over time. Consequently with gas masks equipped they can’t aim down sights (ADS) which greatly reduces their ranged accuracy. Also there is always the wounded or less intelligent foes who die of it, so free kills there!

Incendiary grenades do far less blast damage than regular grenades but they are incredibly effective at breaking an attack. The fire creates a temporary wall of defense killing anyone who ventures too near.


 10. Know your overpowered (OP) weapons

This is likely subject to change and will also be down to personal preference but some of the best weapons currently include the assault’s Model 10-A shotgun, the medic’s Mondragon Storm, and I personally love the support’s Madison MG. No mention of snipers because they all hit like 50.Cals!

Lastly I’d just like to personally welcome you to the Battlefield family, I just apologise in advance if I pick you off with my Mondragon rifle. Your fault for standing still!



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