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A checklist for a zombie apocalypse: Dead Rising 4

Are you sure you’re ready to face the zombie apocalypse in Dead Rising 4? There might be things that you are missing. Read this check list and get yourself prepared for the survival war.

A good time to rob stuff

You will need all the items you can for a zombie apocalypse. Each of them can come in handy at certain times. All the business areas in Willamette have a safe somewhere that you need to use the spectrum analyzer to decipher the access code and go collect the items inside.

Fill every hole there is…
I mean your pockets and backpacks with the items you retrieve.

Become a farmer!

No, I did not lose my mind. Farming has got everything to do with gaining fast Prestige Points, leveling up your EXP fast. There are events called ‘encounters’ in the game, where when you raid a random place for whatever reason and encounter other survivors of the apocalypse. These encounters will grant Frank substantial PP bonuses and new weapons. The encounters will reset when you leave the area, which means you can come back again and farm for  more PP.

Panic rooms that display the opposite meaning

A blue circle will appear quite often in your map. Those are indicators for the location of the panic rooms that you have an access key for. No, No! It is not a torture room like you think. Nothing is gonna happen to you. These
rooms contain powerful weapons and blueprints. Maps to the keys for these rooms will be accessible from the safe house after reaching level 3.

Act as an investigating officer

You can act like you are from MI6 with your contact Paula being the Agent M to your Bond. She will be updating you on the suspicious activities around the town. Going to the spot and investigating these rumours will lead to boss battles. However, if you don’t investigate before completing that case file, you won’t be able to do so when the next case begins.

This ain’t a playground, son

Didn’t your mum tell you as a kid to use stuff for the purpose that it is meant for? Then why do you wanna throw melee weapons at your enemies like they are ranged ones? From now on, you can’t throw melee weapons. The ability has been removed to make the swap between melee and ranged weapons faster. There!! You need to discipline yourself, boy.

Rampage mode on!

Now picture this.

Yes. This can be you!  when you know that you can actually man a vehicle turret. Go to the turrets parked around the town. Use the ‘throw’ button while in the driver’s seat to man the turret. Well, you know what follows next. Nothing else should move except your body and the turret.

Friendly fire is ‘off’

I know, I know! The urge to kill friendlies is always there for us gamers, especially for the ones who play too much of GTA. Well, in this game we can’t hurt the friendly survivors. Bad move dev team, bad move!

But first…

…Let’s take a selfie. Screw the apocalypse. It is always good to store memories of ourselves, sometimes you might not live to see them. But if you do, it is a good story to tell your kids and grandkids. Switch to the camera mode and swap to selfie cam, Frank will grab the zombie to his side pose within the frame and take a pic.

So, you are now ready to face the apocalypse… Just don’t count the bodies, and make an album out of your favourite selfies.


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