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Are you destined to get these 15 best weapons? (Pt. 3)

You have made it to the last 5. Keep going!!

11. The Wormwood


Where: Future war cult vendor, tower

Why: This is possibly the best sidearm gun I came across. They are light and go hand in hand with perks like Hidden Hand, Quickdraw, and Zen Moment. With this combination, you can switch to this gun and make a kill at flashpoint.

12. Something wicked


Where: Crucible Quartermaster, Tower

Why: This is a rocker launcher and comes with Danger Close and Heavy Payload perks. If you ask me, this is the only rocket launcher that is quick in recoil and fire than any other heavy weapons.

13. Trespasser


Where: Random exotic shop

Why: This looks like a desert eagle from one angle, but it’s impact isn’t that much. SureShot, Relentless Tracker, Unrepentant, and Hand Loaded are the perks that can be added to this to make it easier to kill your enemies with less number of shots while you track the other enemies down.

14. Gjallarhorn


Where: Rise of Iron quest Beauty in Destruction

Why: This is a beast and majestic by looks and so it is by power too.  This is a powerful rocket launcher with rounds that split into tracking cluster missiles that detonate upon impact. Just go around blowing everyone away with this monster of a gun.

15. Angel’s Advocate


Where: Vanguard vendor, Tower

Why: It is a scout rifle by functionality and lies between the speed of an auto rifle and the precision of a sniper. Reactive Reload perk buffs damage after reload, while Outlaw perk helps to load quickly. Quite a cool combo I would say.

Well, that’s it from me on my opinion on the top 15 guns in Destiny.

What do you think about them? Let us know which of the guns make your list.

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