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Mass effect andromeda’s day one patch fixes issues with facial animations

With Mass Effect Andromeda releasing tomorrow, the game has raked in a lot of criticism over the characters’ facial animations. Inspite of knowing this, Bioware officially announced that the day one patch will not fix this issue.

However, a redditer by the name Endorphyn, discovered that the studio might have altered the default face of female co-protagonist, Sara Ryder with the title‚Äôs day one patch. The game’s playthrough was livestreamed through EA/Origin early access and differences were seen between before and after installation of the day one patch.

Look at these images.

It looks like Sarah Ryder went some under the cover cosmetic surgery for her face. Her nose has been shortened, mouth shape changed, her jaw has been made narrower and so on. Her new face will be a part of the final game that releases tomorrow. However, the players can pick the standard preset models of the Ryder twins.



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