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Rocket League : Unlock & Rank-up

Rocket League has been out little more than 24 hours and already it’s become one of the favorite titles at Sector HQ.

Sadly, We’re getting used to seeing lobbies full of rookies with little more than the starting cars and equipment, but behold, we’ve found a way to get you upto Semi-Pro with enough kit to make your car the envy of your friends.

Setting up takes seconds, and you’ll be able to unlock a dozen items and easily pass your first rank, quicker than you could play a standard match.

So check out the video above and remember to hit the subscribe button.


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Leigh is a veteran in the industry with more than ten years experience across the board providing articles, reviews, video content and live streas as well as varied experience in both press and providing public relations.

With over thirty years of gaming behind him, there's little he hasn't played but his currently fighting a severe addiction to Rocket League.

Gamertag : LAW3

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