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10,000 cheaters banned in South Korea by Blizzard

There erupted an apocalypse in ‘Overwatch’ due to aimbots and nuking which led Blizzard to ban over 10,000 hackers and cheaters in South Korea.

Overwatch, the online-multiplayer shooter has been prone to hackers and cheaters ever since its release. Blizzard took it upon themselves to ban such players and did ban around 1500 of them in China. But this number isn’t anywhere near the giant wave of fail army in South Korea.

10,000 South Korean players were banned for nuking. If you aren’t aware what nuking is, it is a form of hacking where players send large amounts of packets to the opposing team’s IP, resulting effects similar to a DDoS attack and causing the victim’s game to dramatically slow down or even disconnecting from the server.

Nuking was hard to report, as it slowed down the game is a massive way. So, Blizzard made themselves responsible to ban the nukers. However, the cheaters are trying to find new, undetectable ways to nuke the game, making it difficult for Blizzard to spot them and ban them.

There isn’t any information on Blizzard’s response to this. But, we can be sure that they will try to tackle the cheaters in every possible way.

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