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A holiday fantasy becomes real with a DLC pack


With the Christmas holidays nearing, gamers around the world are awaiting extention packs and DLCs to provide a new feel and experience to gaming. Going with the same thought process, the gaming industry is also trying to provide them to maintain or improve their player-base.

Square Enix also had the right idea and announced that their ‘Holiday Pack’ for their game Final Fantasy XV will be available soon to both free users and players with seasoned pass.

The free version DLC contains a number of free updates, a New Game Plus mode and the following in-game stuff:

  1. Level Stopper
  2. Annihilation Victory Song
  3. Moogle Chocobo Carnival T-Shirt Costume (Noctis-only, available after January update)
  4. Limited Time Carnival Ticket

The premium version for the seasoned pass holders will contain the basic free version and also the following:

  1. Protection Ring
  2. Command Booster (Noctis-only)
  3. Phantom Booster (Noctis-only)
  4. Instant Kill Victory Song
  5. Battle Technique Victory Song
  6. Fortuitous Key
  7. Stamina Anchor (Noctis-only)
  8. Carnival Style Costume (Noctis-only, available after January update)
  9. Picture Frames (Holiday Pack Limited Edition, available after January update)
  10. Limited Time Carnival Ticket+

The DLC has been scheduled for release on the 22nd of December in Japan. For now, we are yet to know the precise date, it’d be released in the west. This DLC will be the game’s first post-game pack and is a standalone bundle.

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