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Battlefield 1 : New features

Battlefield 1 developer, DICE has recently revealed the list of features it is going to add to the rent-a-server mode in the future.

One of the features is going to be “kick/ban” players. Yeah! if you go on a rage or banter against any player, you can get your ass shut down. So, stay put fellas and play nice. The tab will show a list of all players present on the server from where, a player can take action against the other players. Once a player is banned, they are put under the list of banned players. The ban can be later lifted.

Apart from the ‘banned’ list, there is a ‘VIP’ list too. The VIP list comprises of a group of players who get a priority when there is a server queue.

DICE is also thinking of bringing in password protected servers. But the problem would be that these servers are unranked, and the players would not be able to receive any progress or experience. I know what you are thinking. Even I don’t know the point of having a password protected server, if you can’t gain any progress or experience. Only DICE knows.

Features aside, DICE is also bringing new changes to the settings.

Squad leader spawn only – Quite a popular setting which will be added to the future updates so that it can be set on the servers.

Behemoth on/off toggle – The admins can use this setting to turn off Behemoth from spawning on their servers.

Whole magazine reload – You can either load the entire magazine or just a part of it. I’d say if it is on, then the players would be so screwed up, as many of us are accustomed to reload even after just a couple of shots while 85% of the magazine still remains. However, this setting will be present only for the admin to put it to use.

Battlefield 1 has been getting quite a lot of updates of recent as you will see when you read my previous posts. DICE surely knows how to keep their game up by keeping the players and fans involved all the time.

Comment your thoughts on these updates.

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  • I’m worried that the ability to ban by anyone will be abused. Innocent gamers could be black-listed for no good reason – driving them away from playing BF1.

    Is there anything one can do, if a another gamer is having a bad day and decides to ban a bunch of people just because he is playing badly? How fair would that be to those banned? (not at all, in my opinion)

    Thank you for your time.

    • As I understand server admins who have paid money to rent a server will be given the power to kick/ban players. If the host is petty enough to enforce bans on innocent players then those players are far better off not being in that server anyway. The benefits are aimed at admins who want to keep their servers free of hackers and foul mouthed players which in extension is better for everyone playing. Hope this answers your question!

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