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Experience the music of Skyrim LIVE!

Soundtracks are so often what makes for a gaming masterpiece – piling heaps of atmosphere and adding essential character and depth to a world. This has never been more true than with Skyrim, where the opening ‘Dragonborn’ theme is enough to give any Elder Scrolls fan goosebumps.

On November 16th the first ever concert dedicated solely to The Elder ScollsSkyrim in Concert, will be performed in London at the Palladium theatre. Andrew Skeet, the man famous (in gaming) for conducting ‘The Greatest Video Game Music’ (1 & 2), has been tasked with bringing Jeremy Soule’s music to a live audience. According to Bethesda the music has experienced subtle changes to make it more dramatic and engaging, making up for any lack of dragon slaying.

Orchestral and choral music, whilst being extremely effective in video game and movie soundtracks, are definitely best experienced live where their true power can be felt. With such an emotionally provoking line-up of tracks being played, this will surely be a night to remember for fans and music lovers alike.

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