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FIFA 17 ”12 Days of FUT”

FIFA 17 ”12 Days of FUT”

“Squad Building Challenges” are immensely popular, and the new kits that have been released every few weeks are a seriously welcome addition as well. “EA SPORTS” have released information regarding this year’s FUTmas season, we can all look forward to some free stuff over the festive period…….MAYBE A FREE RONALDO ???

“FUTmas returns to FIFA Ultimate Team on December 16 for a small time, with exciting new content every single day, including daily Squad Building Challenges, limited time packs offers and much much more. From Dec 16th through to Dec 25, daily Squad Building Challenges will feature players who wear shirt numbers corresponding to the date the Challenge goes live. For example, the first daily Squad Building Chanllenge, on Dec 16, will feature players who wear the number 16 in real life,” as stated by EA SPORTS sadly I have missed a few days of FIFA 12 days of FUTmas but as soon as I get chance later I will be collecting my freebies……

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