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Gears of war 4 guide: ACT 2

Continuing with our quest for collectibles, let us move on to ACT 2 of the game and the respective collectibles.

Act 2: Prodigal son

1. Anya’s favourite flower (Obj: Investigate the estate)

At the start of the objective, cross the bridge and turn right. Then you will need to enter the house to get on with the game. But before doin’ that go through a door that lies next to the house. It will trigger a cut scene, pick up the flower.



2. JD’s sixth birthday present from cole

It seems we need to collect a small birthday present. So we need to enter the courtyard which is the first shootout in the ACT 2. Take an immediate right in the courtyard and go behind a small stone structure. You will find the birthday present there.

gow35 gow36

3. COG military acadamy acceptance letter (Obj: Get upstairs)

Enter the manor and then the foyer. Take a left into a room. The table to the right will have the letter.

gow37 gow38

Act 2: Geared up

4. Photo of JD and Anya (Obj: Defeat the kestrel)

In this objective, you will watching the kestrel crash in front of you. It will be followed by a short battle. Take a sharp turn to the left in the opposite direction of the crash to find the photo on the floor.

gow39 gow40

5. House plans (Obj: Escape the manor)

Head down the cellar and keep moving until you come across covered paintings. Take a left to the very next room. Then turn left again and find the plans on top of a table.



6. Old bottle of wine (Obj: Continue towards the barn)

Outta nowhere a plane crashes in front of you. The game will require you to enter its cabin. But before doing that, go left towards a set of wooden crates. Behind them, lies an old bottle of wine.


ACT 2 : Plan B

7. The new Ephyran (Obj: Make it through the windflare to the barn)

You will be in the middle of the windflare. The path will split in two directions. Take left and keep moving forward until you come across a scraped truck.  The magazine will be at the back of the truck. If you took the right direction instead of left, you can always come back to collect the magazine.

gow44 gow45

8. JD’s old toy figurine (Obj: Make it through the windflare to the barn)

Now this collectible can be got if you take the path to the right in the previous scenario. Look for a red tractor to the right of the path. The figurine will be there next to the tractor.



And we have the video walkthrough below.


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