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Gears of War 4 guide : ACT 1

As a gamer it is a well known fact that it is really hard to find hidden items and collectibles when surfing through an area. Exploring the paths not taken generally doesn’t happen especially when there is a larger objective for you to complete. Well some jobless guy out there spent all of his time playing this game going on a main quest to find out the locations for the hidden items and collectibles. Way to go man! You are helping us out right now. Cheers!

The guide lists all the acts and the respectives collectibles under them. Each act contains the description of the locations and also a video at the end to visually represent them. Lets get started.

Act I: Prologue

1.UIR security report (Obj: Enter the weapon’s facility)

At the beginning of the objective, take a right through a couple of rooms and a squadron facing the away from you. You will find the report on the table.

gow3 gow4

2.COG Tag (Obj: Enter the weapon’s facility)

Then get outta the room and take a right down the stairs. After a few metres, to the left you will find a dead body of a soldier. The tag lies next to him. Poor fella though!

gow1 gow2

3. UIR anti-COG pamphlet (Obj: Override the lab security door)

Move with respect to the objective until you reach a shootout area with a communications tower in sight far behind. Take a deep right turn and once you enter the area of the shootout and you will find the pamphlet on a wall.



4. Jacinto Herald (Obj: Get to Hoffman’s convoy)

Progress with the game until the giant monster appears in this objective. To the left you will find a small lookout room with no doors. Enter the room and you will find the herald on the table.

gow5 gow6

5. COG Tag G.Wagner (Obj: Pick up the hammer of dawn)

Then you come out of the lookout room,  move acroos the field to a huge building appears to the right. Go up the stairs and then move left in the direction of the giant corpser. Towards the end of the stairs and by the side of the first column of pillar, you will find another unfortunate fellow lying. Thats wagner for you and beside him, lies his tag.



6. COG Tag: Beckman (Obj: Climb to the top of the wall)

Proceed with the game and you will come to a ladder on a wall. You need to climb to the top of the wall with the ladder. But before that, there will a an armoured vehicle to the left of the ladder. In between the vehicle and a pair of huge doors will lie the tag. But the body of the captain wouldngow11‘t be found there.


7. Bernie’s last will and testamemt (Obj: Climb to the top of the wall)

After that go near the ladder built in to the wall. To its immediate right you will find Bernie’s will on the table.

gow13 gow14

Act1: The Raid

8. Rubble reclamation manifest (Obj: Get behind the crane)

This will be your first encounter with a saffron colored windflare. You need to shoot your way ahead by the clearing the path before. Keep moving towards the crane until you reach the end of the path where you need to move downwards. Before doing that, take a sharp right turn which will lead you to a small hidden area among racks of steel. You will find the manifest there.


9. Shepherd protection pamphlet (Obj: Find a way into the construction hub)

You will encounter a giant bot in yellow coated paint like the transformer bumble bee standing in front of you. Take the second room to the left through the first room. The pamphlet will be on a table at the farthest corner of the room to the left.

gow17 gow18

10. Settlement 5 Resident Assignment list (Obj: Defeat the sentry bots)

After a fight, you will find a wall named “2” with a big blue tower in the backdrop. Go to the wall and turn right into a room. There you will find the list on a rack.

gow19 gow20

11. COG Birthing pamphlet (Obj: Enter the maintenance access door)

Enter the maternity hospital to trigger a cut scene where you look at the blue tower from before. There will a maternity ward next to it, go through the ward and you will find the pamphlet on a table between a pair of green chairs.


12. Windflare lockdown procedure (Obj: Clear the street of DB)

Exit the maternity hospital, go down the steps and turn left. After a few metres you will find a similar kind of steps leading to a building. Climb up the stairs and at the end of it, you will find a poster to the wall next to a pair of locked doors.

gow22 gow23

Act1 : In and Out

13. DBI Schematics (Obj: Find the fabricator)

Proceed and enter the room with a fabricator. Then turn left and look for a console. The console will have the DBI schematics displayed on it.

gow24 gow25

Act 1 : New Friends

14. Shepherd safety Pamphlet (Obj: Get the fabricator out of the settlement)

Progress through the game till you enter a courtyard with a statue in the middle of it facing you. Then take a left to the statue and further left to see a small set of steps. Go through the steps and reach a stone bench attached to the wall. The pamphlet lies next to the stone bench.


Act 1: A few snags

15. A book inscribed to kait (Obj: Bring the fabricator to the town hall)

Take the entrance as your reference point at the start of the game. Then take a right and open the gate. Further take an immediate right and go up the steps to find the book in between a chair and a barrel

gow27 gow28

16. Village mare breeding records (Obj: Use the fabricators to build fortifications)

After getting the book,turn back, take a left and keep moving until you reach a small garden. The garden will have a raised platform with a dead end. The records will be on the right of the platform.



17. Village windflare lockdown procedure (Obj: Use the fabrcator to build fortifications)

Go to the fabricator and look for the column of pillar near by. The procedure is present as a poster on the wall.



The video for the walkthrough is below.


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