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‘Live Fire’ in Titanfall 2

The sales of Titanfall 2 was initially disappointing. Developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts agreed to make the game go for the ‘long run’ by introducing a new game mode for the players to play. They also believe this would increase the sales stats of the game. Respawn entertainment announced that a new game mode called ‘Live fire’ will be available soon for free.

‘Live Fire’ is a multiplayer game mode and will be fast-paced and intense. It’ll involve teams of 6 players who will compete against each other in close combat. The match will be decided on a best out of 5 format. There will be no respawns and the team will have one minute to elimate the opponents. If some of the opponents remain after one entire minute, which ever team carries the neutral flag will be declared the winner.

Titanfall 2’s combat is already explosive and with the introduction of two smaller maps, Stacks and Meadow in the Live Fire mode, close-quarters fights will just get even bigger.

With this addition as the post-launch content, Respawn Entertainment will try to keep the fans busy and make the gaming experience better for them, with the notion of improving the game’s entertainment and sales stats.

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