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More cross-play games coming to Xbox

This week, Microsoft made cross-play multiplayer support available for Gears of War 4. This allowed Xbox players to play against PC gamers.

Phil Spencer went on to confirm that, there will be more games added to the list of cross-play games. He was quoted saying, “I hope so. That’s our goal” to fan when asked if more games would support cross-play. However, he also mentioned that Halo-2 will not join the party due to engine compatibility problems.

Another fan took it out on twitter to ask about Spencer about the Project Scorpio’s preorder. This was his response…

He just told the person to wait until they launch the games on Scorpio. Now, this could mean many things. Either, Microsoft wants to check and address early issues with Scorpio or they might want to boost their initial sales by letting the people see the glorious features of it.

Xbox players are excited for this project, due to its cross-play and many hardware specific features.

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