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Overcooked’s Gourmet menu

Today, Team 17 and ghost town games came up together to reveal that the co-op cooking game “Overcooked” is now getting its menu updated with a special new Lost Morsel content pack and is available in both xbox one and playstation 4.

The game was already received with positive reviews all over the world. Ghost town took the success as its next step in launching a new content addition to pep up the cooking skills a bit. The gourmet edition comprises of Overlooked along with the lost morsel content pack.

The gourmet edition comes with six new campaign levels, featuring new kitchens located in a jungle world, a new vehicle to travel around the world and six new chef characters who are unlockable as you play through the game.

The menu item Lost Morsel includes,

  1. A new world map which can be accessed via DLC
  2. 6 new campaign levels as stated earlier
  3. 6 new chefs to unlock
  4. New jungle theme
  5. New helicopter to navigate the world map.

The gourmet edition is now available at retail for Xbox one at just 19.99 pounds. Here is the trailer of the gourmet edition.


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