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This holiday, Santa turns a killer!

Alright, agent 47. We have a new mission and you will be doing this for free. We are gonna call this mission as Holiday Hoarders. The location is a fashion show in Paris. I got intel that there will be some thieves runnin’ around stealing presents. I need you to take them down, the hard way. Just in case you happen to get to the presents before them, you have the freedom to open them and use whatever gift is inside them to your agenda. Even if it is a santa suit! You can ask me why we are doing this mission for free. IO HQ has reported that they agreed to make it free to support World Cancer Research fund.

So, here is a short rundown of your mission. Take a look at it, and make it happen, 47.

Ho Ho Ho! It is killing time!

1. Inclusion of holiday content

2. Inclusion of Secret Santa challenge pack

3. Complete the above challenge and get a santa suit

4. Inlcusion of 3 holiday themed items that can be used in the holiday content

5. Exit the mission in the holiday spirit.

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