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Gears of war 4 guide : ACT 3

This ACT has a lot of collectibles like the first one. So take a deep breath, you will have a long way to go to get these collectibles and tags.

ACT 3 : Almost Midnight

1. COG ID Bracelet (Obj: Follow marcus through the fort)

Proceed with the game until you reach a stone arch. If you go through it, the story will continue. But before going through it, take a left to the area of greens. You will find the bracelet there.

gow48 gow49

2. Ancient book (Obj: Find a way through the fort)

Move ahead with the game until you come across cocoon remnants. Take a right there and head down the hallway. The book will be there on the desk to the left of the hallway.

gow50 gow51

Act 3 : Night terrors

3. Medical supplies status form (Obj: Move debris away from the door)

Move down the passage that contains more cocoons and you will find yourself coming out of the passageway after sometime. Take a left and go towards some storage containers. On top of one of them you will find the status form.

gow53 gow52

4. COG tag D.Nunez (Obj: Track the creature that took marcus)

Proceed on until you break open the door to the tram station. Take a right and head for the corpse on the ground. The tag lies next to it.

gow54 gow55

5. Tourist map of fort reval (Obj: Get to the tram station)

Advance in the game until you reach a courtyard with a statue at the center. Take a left and go through the arch. The map is on the stone bench.

gow56 gow57

Act 3 : The doorstep

6. King Figurine souvenir (Obj: Find the snatcher that took marcus)

Progress through the game until you see a huge arch in front of you.  Turn right and then two subsequent lefts to get to find the souvenir lying on the ground.

gow58 gow59

7. Evacuation procedures (Obj: Follow the snatcher to the keep)

After the shootout, croos the bridge to the middle of the area and take a left. Head into the room in the corner. The item will be hung on the wall of the room.


8. Fort reval military museum pamphlet (Obj: Follow the snatcher to the museum building)

When you stand in front of the museum building, you will be fired at. Try not dying and take a left by a short path, followed by a small set of stairs. The pamphlet will be on the ground towards the ded end.

gow61 gow62

9. COG tag W.Owen (Obj: Find a way into the inner courtyard)

Go into the castle keep. Go up the stairs and then proceed down the hallway. You will reach a large room. Go to the fartehr end of the room and take a right. Leap over the shelf and reach the dead end. You will find a corpse and the tag beside it.


Act 3 : Do not go gentle

10. COG Tag A.Josefson

After a shootout, you will come across a hole. Drop through the hole. Then take a right. You will find the tag at the far end of the corner.

gow64 gow65

11. Silver age dagger (Obj: Track the snatcher)

Advance in the game until you reach an arch way. Do not go through the arch way yet. Instead take a right and you will find the dagger amidst a group of pots.

gow66 gow67

Act 3 : Elevator to hell

12. Ephyran tribune (Obj: Start the transporter engines)

At the start of the chapter, take a passageway on the right with “Control” written on top of it. Take a left, then proceed upstairs and then through a couple of oval shaped doorways. But before you enter the control room, take a fine left to find the newspaper.

gow68 gow69

ACT 3: Origins

13. Locust shell crystal (Obj: Head towards the heart of the hive)

Progress the game until you reach a cutscene where your team will be overlooking the exterior of the hive. Take a sharp left turn, head down the stairs and you will find a huge crystal. Inspect it and it will be added to your collectibles.

gow70 gow71

14. Mine scavenger list (Obj: Decend through the mining facility)

After you finish your fight with the Juvies and pouncers, head to the double doors. Before proceeding down the stairs, look to your left for a gap between the crates. The list lies beyond those crates.

gow72 gow73

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