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You get banned if you are good : Battlefield 1

Ever got yelled at as a hacker or cheater, for being so damn good at an FPS? Well, that’s what the average blokes call the experienced and skillfull ones. Battlefield 1’s cheat detection system, looks to back up those average Joes by banning the good ones.

The cheat detection system is called ‘FairFight’ and it detects botters and hackers. It uses a function called Algorithmic analysis of player statistics which compares a player’s current stats against their average level of skill. If these two don’t tally up, you get your ass banned from the game. This posts as a big problem for the pros out there. If someone suddenly goes on a deadly kill streak, the player’s statistics shoots up which will not be in par with their average skill level. When that happens, the player gets banned by the ‘FairFight’ system.

A pro by the name ‘SpartanHoplite’ got a permanent ban after going on a mean streak of 202 kills to 8 deaths. The ratio was huge that it didn’t tally with the average skill of the player as detected by the system. Similarly, another player called ‘Minidoracat’ who is currently placed 4th in the global leaderboards, got a temporary ban in December.

Players have also tried to get in touch with EA and DICE to address this issue. But for now EA has stated that, they have officially taken the issue into consideration. However, the players aren’t sure if the cheat detection system’s algorithm will be changed or not.

What are your thoughts on this? Play safe to not get banned.

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