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Kona Coming Soon Xbox One

Ravenscourt and Parabole give their cooperation to the exclusive digital worldwide release * of the new survival horror adventure KONA known.

Northern Canada 1970, a strange Blizzard raging over the Atamipek Lake. The player takes the role of the private detective Carl Faubert, who explores an eerie village. In the investigation of strange events, he must always fight the life-threatening rage of the elements.

KONA tells a compelling story, full of suspense, drama and intrigue that unfolds in the harsh climate of Canada.

KONA is innovative and original, which is why we particularly look forward, the game world digital publishing * and thus to expand our broad Ravenscourt portfolio yet.” Says Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media.
“Ravenscourt is the digital distribution of KONA * Apply PlayStation® 4, Xbox One and PC for us. With a team of seven people, we do not have the opportunity to look after all the distributions, so the partnership with Ravenscourt is perfect. We can stay in touch with the fans and reach new, interested players at the same time. “Says Alexandre Fiset, Managing Director of Parabole.


  • Experience a surreal and interactive story full of secrets and determined in the surprising silence of an inconspicuous city.
  • Explore a vast and ruthless northern region and fight the elements for survival.
    An atmospheric soundtrack including music from the Quebec folk band Curé Label
  • Experience the story from the third person through the omniscient narrator
  • Thanks to the authentic design of this rural community, you can travel through time to the year 1970.

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