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Team 17’s Generous Christmas Spirit

The elves have been busy under Team 17‘s roof. This week 3 pieces of FREE DLC have been released for 3 of their biggest games: Worms WMD, Overcooked and The Escapists. Get into the Christmas spirit this year with some of the biggest laugh-out-loud titles on Xbox One.

Worms WMD Liberation

The Liberation update includes an all new “War Torn” theme with 5 brand new single player missions and 4 new weapons: the tasty worm lick, worm stinger, drone and W1 rocket. Along with this, over 10 additional Liberation specific buildings have been added including bunkers and tunnels, a new vehicle: the Drillboat has been added, and plenty of new customisation options are now available.

If you’ve never played a Worms game then maybe WMD is where to begin. The hilarious voices and age old gameplay formula never gets old, and it’s a joy to see Team 17 supporting their legacy.


Overcooked Festive Seasoning DLC

Ever heard of Overcooked? This side splitting co-op restaurant simulator was a surprise gem which is incredibly popular with Youtubers for its charming animations and argument inducing scenarios alike.

The Festive Seasoning DLC adds eight co-op levels in a Winter Lodge theme. Two new chefs: the Snowman and the Reindeer have been added, and all chefs are expected to wear Santa hat as part of their new uniform! How hard can making a turkey dinner be? Well, with a flamethrower being used as a cooking utensil, it’s going to be interesting if nothing else…

The Escapists: Santa’s Sweatshop DLC

You are an elf in Santa’s workshop, forced to work indecent hours on a rock bottom wage. It’s time to escape the oppressive festive icon to forge a better life elsewhere.

Featuring a whole new Christmas themed level with a new festive soundtrack to boot; Santa’s Sweatshop DLC offers new items, craftables and characters along with new achievements to keep your mind sharp this Christmas.




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