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Titanfall 2 Pilot Helmet Collectibles Guide: Part 3

Wake up, soldier!! It’s mornin’ and we got stuff to do. We got a big day ahead of us.

Mission – Effect and Cause : Pilot Helmet 19


Reach the open area with ruined rings. Look down to your right. You will notice a faint glow of a pilot helmet on the wall of a building. Okay, time to show your parkour skills again. Jump to the ledge below, then jump towards the wall right before the helmet. Once you are there, jump across and do a wall-run to get the helmet.

Mission – Effect and Cause : Pilot Helmet 20


After you collect the 19th one, move forward into the square and you can find the next helmet on the top of a series of lamps. To get there, jump to the doorway in front of the reactor facility, turn around and again jump over to get to the helmet.

Mission – Effect and Cause : Pilot Helmet 21


Get to the lobby, where three enemies come out of a lift in the old timeline. You gotta be careful here, as once you take out these fellas and go to the new timeline, there would be four prowlers waiting for you in the same area. Anyway, enter the lift, switch to the old timeline and jump through the hole present in the roof of the lift. The helmet will be floating right above you. Do a wall-run along each side of the shaft until you reach it.

Mission – Effect and Cause : Pilot Helmet 22


Once you finish viewing Anderson’s holographic log… Snap out of it soldier, that’s just an hologram. As I was saying, go through the door to the right at the top of the stairs. Shoot down the soliders who go through the door in the old timeline and switch back to the new timeline. Then do a wall run between the two walls above the floor on fire to get to the helmet.

Mission – Effect and Cause : Pilot Helmet 23


Go to the room with the automatic turrets inside the bunker. Don’t stop and keep moving until you see the pilot helmet in a glass container. Switch to the new timeline and jump into the destroyed container. Go back to the old timeline and you can grab the helmet now.

Mission – Effect and Cause : Pilot Helmet 24


After getting the 23rd one, the game will bring you to an area with many platforms. Jump to the new timeline and you will see the helmet at the second platform nearest to you. Get back to the old timelime, then jump on to that platform. Now switch to the new timeline to collect that helmet.

Mission – Effect and Cause : Pilot Helmet 25


In the same chamber, follow the path to the edge of the room and deal with the soldiers from the old timeline and prowlers in the new one. After making a barbeque out of them, look for a zipline in the past. It’ll lead to a wall with the pilot helmet present halway across it. Switch to the new timeline, then zipline down. While doing this, quickly go to the old timeline and do a wall-run to grab it. This will complete your collectors trophy.

Mission – Effect and Cause : Pilot Helmet 26


After you get the 25th helmet, you will find yourself on a platform next to a window. This platform will be in flames in the future timeline. So, you need to get to the ramp and stand on it. Now switch to the future timeline and you will find the helmet beside the window. Do a double-jump and wall-run to get it.

Now don’t ask me in which timeline we are right now. I am as confused as you are.

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